12:01am, January 1st, 2016. In the midst of some of my closest friends, and a ton of strangers, through all the cheers and screams for the new year, anxiety low-key crept in. Not a bad anxiety, but a good anxiety. I’m literally always thinking. Like, I wish I could be a fly on the wall, to see myself cheering and thinking at the same time, correction, overthinking. I was thinking to myself, it’s on. Finally, lets get this year started because I had soooo many plans for it. Like I’m looking at a journal entry and i wrote, “I’m excited, but super anxious, because it’s the beginning of the end.”

Gosh, just thinking back to how awesome this year was, I really wish I would have spent a bit more time taking it all in. I still can’t believe I lived in NYC. Manhattan. Not the outskirts, not Jersey, I lived in The City. I survived a city that eats people and spits them out, daily. I used to remember being slightly (overly) annoyed when walking to the train and having to squeeze past tourists literally stopping in the middle of the street to take a picture. Tourists know that they won’t be in that city or place for long, so they stop on every corner, in every moment, just to take it all in. Be a tourist. You can be present in the now, and still be cognizant of your future.

However, I don’t want to harp on what I didn’t do, so to keep it positive, here’s some of the things I did:

celebrated the wins. Solo cheers are a thing, and if you don’t believe me, just catch it on my snapchat. I will pour a drink, sit down, and cheers to myself (or my iPhone). Cheers to myself because even though it’s nice to do a group cheer, sometimes you gotta raise your glass to yourself, by yourself. Inwards first. Outwards second.

said no. No is a complete sentence. The end.

Self Care, Self Care, Self Careeeee. This is by far the best thing I did a lottttt of this year. Self care is simply doing things for yourself that feed your soul. (my own personal definition.) For example, if I had a long day of work, it’s perfectly okay to go home and take a bath, and read versus doing more work, or to sleep versus doing more work (or eating dinner lol). I don’t work when I’m tired. I’m not productive, and it’s not my best work. I hate when people say #teamnosleep. That’s so silly, and horrible for your body. There will always be something to do, or someone to help. Again, inwards first, outwards second.

I have heard so many great quotes throughout this year as well, and I like quotes, because for me, they are always, always on time. So here are some of my faves from this year:

“Want to be consistent. Because maybe it is the consistency that’ll birth the greatness. You have the power in your being to rectify the universe, but it won’t happen if you aren’t consistent” – Pastor Mike, FCBC

“Let your words change the world.” – Pastor Mike, FCBC


“Don’t let not knowing the end result keep you from walking.”

and lastly,

Remember that you can always bounce back the next day” …. or year, for that matter.


So cheers to 2017! #thiswasmyyear #2017willbeminetew





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