Everything’s Bigger..

(This is #myyear journal excerpt)

God’s grace I’m simply amazing. I really could end the blog with that sentence lol, but I guess I probably should expand and elaborate…..

To know me is to know I’m an impatient over planner, which I feel is a gift and and a curse, at times. When I moved to NYC in 2014 I already knew that I was not going to be there long term. So short term, in fact, that it would only be the length of grad school. New York will always have my heart (refer to previous post) but just because something has your heart, doesn’t mean it’s permanent. So the summer leading into the last year of my graduate program I was starting to narrow down potential new cities and kept coming up blank. I really wanted a city with a low cost of living, yet still decent everything else. I prayed about it one night during quiet time and next thing I know, I was walking to a hair appointment when God told me that I was moving to Texas. If you’re reading this and think that last sentence was totally bogus, it’s okay, because even when I heard it I shook it off like huh? No way. I Continued to walk, and within seconds I literally passed 3 parked cars with Texas plates, in NYC. First time ever. Okay, so Texas it was. So it was July of 2015 when I found out I was moving to Texas. I remember going to a summer class that evening, and texted my friend telling her that I was moving there, and instead of calling me crazy, she was encouraging. **note: keep those people around.**

Fast forward. Life is a puzzle. I believe God puts people in your life for a reason. Those people will either be a piece of your puzzle, or just people to guide you to your puzzle pieces. I knew one person living in Texas. This person happened to be my first-year-teacher mentor when I taught in NC back in 2013. Just thinking about this makes me chuckle because even though on paper she was my mentor, I wasn’t super close with her at that time, and even remembered thinking hmm why didn’t I get someone else. However, she’s the one who helped steer me in the right direction as far as top districts to apply to in Houston, and even offered me a place to stay if I ever wanted to come visit prior to move. So now I knew what city, Houston. I started applying to all of the districts she suggested, and then waited. The next thing to do was actually visit Texas. I’ve only ever been to Dallas airport for a layover, so technically I had never been to Texas. I planned to visit Texas during my school’s spring break because that week was also the time that the number 1 district on my list was having it’s job fair. Meanwhile, I told my closest friends and family that Texas would be my new home, and even some of my coworkers. Shockingly, it wasn’t the people closest to me who were the most encouraging. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “do you know anybody there?”.. I could retire early. Knowing people shouldn’t be a prerequisite for you to live your life.

Fast forward again. I booked a flight, rented a car, and hotel for a week, and went to Houston to tour the area, apartment shop, and attend the job fair. That was my very first solo trip, and I’m not even gonna lie, a bit of anxiety set in. I knew without a doubt Texas was going to be my new home, but the anxiety still set in. Idk, maybe even a bit of fear. Fear because not only was I moving to a new state, but I’ve never lived completely alone, like alone- alone lol.

As I mentioned earlier, I applied to the top 5 districts in Houston. The job fair I went to was my number 1/2 choice. Think of Harvard and Yale. Both are amazing Ivy League institutions, but technically Harvard is the #1 university in the country. I was about an hour early for the job fair, and it was already packed. All of the schools in the district would be there, and I heard people saying how they’ve been trying for years to transfer into this district but just weren’t having any luck. Finally the doors of the fair opened and it was like a massive rush to get to every table and make a good impression. I’m certain I saw 90% of the schools, and gave out most of my resumes. Leaving the fair I was a bit discouraged, because there were so many people. It was like I was just 1 in like a thousand people all trying to get their foot in a narrow door. I gave out my resume, but just like all the others, it was just getting placed in a huge pile. Not to mention, most tables weren’t even hiring, just accepting applications. The fair was Thursday so I had already apartment toured earlier that week and flew back to NYC Friday morning.

Monday morning, I was shocked when I got a call to do a Skype interview later that week. The secretary said she was only scheduling interviews with the strong candidates…meanwhile, I had thought my resume was in a pile collecting dust. That just goes to show how no matter how something seems, God is always in control of every situation, every time. I interviewed that Thursday, May 5th and accepted a job offer Friday May 6th. Before my interview, I had already come to terms with the fact that my summer was going to be spent job searching and working.  However, since my job was already secured before I even graduated, I spent the summer simply prepping for the move and working at a private school in Charlotte. Totally laid back summer. I even went to the Pinky Promise conference the days leading up and into the weekend of my move, as if I wasn’t about to partake in a 12 hour drive lol.

I just keep thinking about the whole process, and I can’t recall one time being stressed or worried. My family even suggested that I apply to places in NC just in case, but I truly believed that everything would fall into place. You can’t trust God and have a back up plan at the same time, either you trust Him or you don’t.

As I type this post, I can’t help but to smile. It’s my first time living completely alone, and it’s such a great feeling! Haha, if you knew my NYC roommate story, then you would be smiling with me.


“and then the universe aligned with what I had in mind, with what I wanted all this time”- Alessia Cara


One thought on “Everything’s Bigger..

  1. Yass! I’ve sat back and watched how God has aligned everything according to his plan and everything has nicely fell into place with his perfect timing. I’m so proud of you and cannot wait to visit!! Just so I can say “and now we reminiscing how we used to flex in texas” 🙂

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