12:57 am

My loved ones feared my safety and well being when I told them that I wanted you, and some even questioned my sanity. However, deep down inside of me I knew you were something I just had to have, all the while knowing it would never be anything long term. At times, you could be cold. At times, you could even be brutal. Yet, I still love(d) you. Many chose to focus on the dark parts of you, but I couldn’t help but to see anything but good. Don’t get me wrong, there were certainly bad days, but nothing good ever comes without some bad, right? Late nights. Laughs.  5 different personalities. Sometimes it was as if it was too good to be true. But like all good things, our time together had an inevitable expiration date. Me or you…. I chose me. I still have withdrawals, and sometimes second guesses. You’ll never be able to admit it, but I conquered you…. and that thought alone makes me smile….



It wasn’t a goodbye, but a see ya later, New York.

xoxo, Britt


2 thoughts on “12:57 am

  1. Amazing! Honestly Brit I was scared for you. The crazy stuff I’ve seen on tv. And we from the same place and I didn’t want your kindness to be taken for weakness. Now I look at you in admiration not juse as a best friend. You have grown so much. You took that leap of faith and came out riding on top! Thanks for showing me that sometimes it looks crazy to others but if you believe in yourself and your goals there is no way you can fail.

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