What are you waiting for?

Have you ever just had the urge to do something or go somewhere, and the only thing stopping you from doing it was you? For example, have you always told yourself that you were going to go out of the country before you’re 30…. But you haven’t even taken the steps to get your passport, or maybe that you’re going to learn a new language this year… and have yet to study? We are all guilty of this, but the thing that we should realize is that we are only letting ourselves down! I bet when you signed the contract during your new hire paperwork that stated you would be at your job at a certain time every day, you make sure that you’re there. Or, even something as small as telling your friend you’ll be there for a big event they’re having. How come we can be committed to everything and everyone else, but ourselves? This is definitely something that I told myself I was going to change in 2016 and beyond. Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch planning my life, like I tend to (try) to do, when it popped in my head that I was missing my best friend and if I’m going to be on the other side of the country soon, I better get in all of my visits while I am a day-trip distance away.. so that’s what I did! Totally impromptu 4 hour trip to DC, and I actually typed this on the way there. What have you had the urge to do, but you’re just waiting for a push, or some form of confirmation to do it? Sometimes, the confirmation won’t even come until you make the first move or take the first step. I’ve realized that the ambiguousness of life is a beautiful thing, and I’ve learned to embrace it. You never know what’s on the other side, and you will never know, unless you get up, get out, and GO!





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