1 year post my BIGCHOP!

” a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life…”

(year to date)

Scenario: resign from full time job and leave your friends and family and move hundreds of miles away to one of the biggest cities in the country- NYC…..

Consider life changed. I remember it just as if it was yesterday. I was sitting in my new place thinking about how if I could move across the country all by myself, I could basically do anything. I was transitioning to fully natural for about 7 months at that point, but I was really tired of the two textures, and not to mention I never wore my hair out for more than a couple days at a time lol, so I figured why not just do the big chop already!

So that’s what i did and I haven’t looked back since! However- it wasn’t as easy as it seemed, and here are the top 5 things I learned:

  1. One thing the YouTube videos didn’t tell me was that everybody’s texture is different and don’t just assume once all the relaxed hair is gone you’ll have “pillow soft curls” I was frustrated with my new chopped style because it was as if my curls wouldn’t “curl right” and plus I wasn’t really in love with my TWA (teeny weeny afro).
  2. Protective styling is a life saver! It basically helped me get over the TWA hurdle and kept my hair out of sight so it could grow and I wouldn’t obsess daily with the progress. Of course, you still have to make sure you’re taking care of your natural hair underneath, don’t forget that the key word is “protective” styling. You want to keep your hair healthy, while protected, or it won’t grow.  Also, its okay to switch it up! Have fun with it! I’ve experimented with braids, sew ins, then finally just settled with crochet braids, because it worked for me.
  3. Stalk other naturals. Seriously! You can learn so much from simply observing what others are doing and then using their tips to see what works for you. When I finally perfected the wash and go, it happened after I watched a naturals YouTube video and then tried her technique on my hair.
  4. Don’t become a product junkie! It’s so easy, but try to have some self restraint and look at product reviews first. I remember going a little crazy at target shortly after my big chop, and I don’t even use half of those products that I purchased. It was a waste of money. Since then, I’ve found staples that work for me, and I stick to them. Not to say you shouldn’t try new things once in a while, but don’t get crazy!
  5. Lastly, have fun! I love watching my hair grow, and I love trial and error! I honestly don’t think I will ever go back to relaxed hair, because in my biased opinion, curly girls have way more fun:)

Check out some of the styles I’ve experimented with over the past year:

brown and blond curly crochet!
summertime jet black crochet
pony puff
two strand twist
air dried wash and go

xoxo, Britt.


4 thoughts on “1 year post my BIGCHOP!

  1. Love this post. I think u did amazing ur first year. It grew so much! I’m hoping with proper care now that I have finally chopped my hair that it can grow like urs.

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  2. You mentioned in another blog article that your stylist slays your weaves. Who is your stylist? I would be interested in their contact information. Thanks, so much!


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